Our Story

Who We Are & Why We Grow

Falcanna Montana owners Catherine Young and Norman Huynh moved to Bozeman in 2020, packing up their dog Nellie and leaving Portland, Oregon behind. Catherine, a Portland native and fashion photographer, and Norman, a classical music conductor from Alabama, had met and fallen in love in Portland during Norman’s tenure with the Oregon Symphony. 

Catherine’s longtime friendship with Bethany and Justin Rondeaux of Falcanna Washington soon included Norman, and the couple traveled often to visit their friends the Olympic Peninsula. Over the years, Falcanna’s reputation for top shelf cannabis spread from it’s original medical patients to the rest of the state, when strains gained cult-like status and product barely touched the shelves before being scooped up by budtenders and customers alike. Catherine and Norman often joked that Bethany and Justin “ruined all other weed” for them, and that opinion has not changed yet. 

In 2020, Norman accepted a new job as the Music Director of the Bozeman Symphony, and then the world fell apart. During one of the worst wildfire seasons in Portland’s history, they packed up a u-haul and began the long drive to Bozeman, excited for a fresh start in a town that they had already fallen in love with. 

As 2021 arrived with all its uncertainty, so did the passing of Initiative 190 and the legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Montana. Catherine and Norman knew that they had to share the incredible experience that Falcanna Cannabis had always provided them to their new community. They quickly secured their license and purchased a selection of genetics from Bethany and Justin’s legendary strain collection to grow in Montana. 

The Falcanna Dispensary is now open in downtown Bozeman, and is located at 605 N 7th Avenue #103