Diesel Thai

70% Sativa

Diesel Thai has a complex scent profile reminiscent of citrus candy, spicy pepper, and sandalwood incense. She leaves you with a thoughtful and energetic sativa high. Lacking the anxious buzz of many sativas, the uplifting high of this hybrid includes a balancing mellowness. This strain is a longtime Falcanna favorite for its inquisitive, introspective, and thoughtful high. With a frosty, fragrant flower, Diesel Thai is a stunner with dark leaves and amber hairs. In the early days of Falcanna, our founders were gifted a cutting of Diesel Thai by a friendly old hippie living in one of the most remote areas of the Olympic Peninsula, The Hoko. He said the cross was an old Thai-stick seed he kept stashed away that grew into a male, which he crossed with a Sour Diesel cutting that originated on the East Coast. To this day, we’re grateful to this generous stranger and his homegrown creation for a stand out for its potency, complex flavors and exceptional high.
Smells like:

  • Spicy
  • Floral
  • Rich
  • Earthy

Feels like:

  • Intense
  • Euphoric
  • Pleasant
  • Smooth

Tip: Heavy-hitting but smooth and clear minded, a great choice for inspiring creative pursuits.